Here is how this site works:

  • I have these research & development projects. More D than R. All propose a different low-cost, high-tech, open-source solution to a beekeeping problem. They are described in pages accessible under “Projects” menu or from the links below.
  • All projects have a beginning. None have an end. But their progress is documented in the postings part of the website. This is where you can join in.
  • At different points, blog entries will be cleaned up and merged into the project descriptions.

The R&D projects are:

  • Hive Stand – together with a screened bottom board and beneficial nematode bio-control, a healthier way to hold a hive.
  • Hive Environmental Monitor – continuous logging of temperature and humidity, inside the hive and out, and other parameters as well.
  • Pry Scale – One person can weight 4 hives in a minute using this tool which can be made for under $50.
  • Acoustic Analysis – Teach computers to see and recognize patterns in sound.
  • Continuous logging scale – Add hive weight to the environmental monitor
  • Bee Counter – Count bees coming and going for under $50.