Harvest Time!

We harvested about 130 lbs of honey two weeks ago.  According to my hive scale, hives #1,2, & 3 contributed 58, 38.5, and 36.5 lbs. Not bad considering that #2 was queenless for several weeks this Spring! Check out the Apiary Timeline and click on the events leading up to the harvest for more text and pictures.

We had good luck with a fume board even though it was cloudy.  We processed the frames about 3 miles from the hive – in Bruce’s very clean garage – and saw less than 3 bees the entire time.  It was a very smooth process.  We put each super into a garbage bag at the apiary and did not remove it until we returned to the apiary with empty frames. That greatly reduced the amount of dripped honey on the garage floor.

What is your experience?

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