Tulip Poplar Flow

Georgia has had lousy weather in the last couple weeks. But with all that wind and rain, the bees are still finding some nectar.  Tulip Poplar has been blooming for about three weeks now and the following chart of hive weights show it.

This is a quick chart I put together. I am working on a more interactive one that will include annotations and photos and stories. That hive #2 lacked a queen for nearly 6 weeks and had laying workers. But that is a story for another time. The weights are from my portable hive scale.

I recently purchased a iron platform scale so I can compare its accuracy and precision to the portable hive scale.  Stay tuned.

Also check out the 3-hive stand design from Mike Miller. You can find it at the end of the Hive Stand Project.

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Update May 8th: Click here to check out an interactive version of the chart above. From now on, this will be an permanent but evolving part of Beehacker. Find it at the top of each page: click on the “Apiary Timeline” tab.

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