Improved Hive Scale

I was pleased to hear recently from Jamie Bucklin of Humboldt, California. Instead of the $16 luggage scale that I used in my hive scale, he built his scale with a $70-100 digital industrial hanging scale from American Weigh Scales.  The TL-330 is accurate to .2 lbs and weighs up to 330 lbs – which means that his hive scale can theoretically weigh a hive over 600 lbs.  Might want to stiffen those three tongues in that case with another layer of strapping bar. But Jamie’s improvement means that he won’t max-out like I do when I weigh a hive that gets above 160 lbs or more.

When I told my son about Jamie’s scale, his reply was not what I expected, “Humboldt is where they grow the best pot.”  He said he heard that on an educational television program. Perhaps Jamie’s bees are the reason.

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