Improved Metal Hive Scale

It has been very rewarding to see reader’s improvements on my original hive scale design. I recently got an email from Matthew Waddington – I’ll reproduce here since it is pretty self-explanatory.


Yet another version of the scale!

I saw your version years ago, and was inspired by it, and came up with . . . → Read More: Improved Metal Hive Scale

Improved Hive Scale

I was pleased to hear recently from Jamie Bucklin of Humboldt, California. Instead of the $16 luggage scale that I used in my hive scale, he built his scale with a $70-100 digital industrial hanging scale from American Weigh Scales.  The TL-330 is accurate to .2 lbs and weighs up to 330 lbs – . . . → Read More: Improved Hive Scale

Monitoring Honey Bee Colonies Electronically

I recently got an email from Frank Linton. Frank works at Mitre Corp and has been interested in hive monitoring for a long time. Last year, he organized the first workshop on hive monitoring at Eastern Apicultural Society’s annual conference in Vermont.  I’ll let Frank speak for himself – the following is an excerpt . . . → Read More: Monitoring Honey Bee Colonies Electronically

Harvest Time!

We harvested about 130 lbs of honey two weeks ago.  According to my hive scale, hives #1,2, & 3 contributed 58, 38.5, and 36.5 lbs. Not bad considering that #2 was queenless for several weeks this Spring! Check out the Apiary Timeline and click on the events leading up to the harvest for more . . . → Read More: Harvest Time!

Tulip Poplar Flow

Georgia has had lousy weather in the last couple weeks. But with all that wind and rain, the bees are still finding some nectar.  Tulip Poplar has been blooming for about three weeks now and the following chart of hive weights show it. Continue reading Tulip Poplar Flow

Portable Hive Scale

This is a stub for the Smart Portable Bee Scale Project so that readers can post questions or comments. Look for other postings to emerge as this project matures. Continue reading Portable Hive Scale