If I could choose anyone in the world to speak at my bee club…

…it would be Professor Mandyam Srinivasan. Granted, I may be a little unique there but I have enjoyed many of his papers on honey bee neurophysiology. He is Professor of Visual Neuroscience at the Queensland Brain Institute in Australia. His research focuses on the principles of visual processing, perception and cognition in bees and . . . → Read More: If I could choose anyone in the world to speak at my bee club…

High speed cameras study imprecise bee flight

Drones Make Love Not War

I have two hobbies: beekeeping and building/flying multirotors or drones.  There is rarely any overlap between the two but recently I have noticed a spate of YouTube videos with titles such as (click on the links!):

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Ulster Observation Hive Project

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Entomologist: Meet Etymologist

I am pleased to report that ‘beehacker’ has been entered into the lexicon of popular culture. WordSpy, “the word lover’s guide to new words”, has identified an emerging new meme: beehacker. A beehacker has been defined as

n. A beekeeper who uses digital tools and technology to help monitor and manage a . . . → Read More: Entomologist: Meet Etymologist